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About Our Company

KEY ENVIRONMENTAL is a pioneer in the field of waste minimization and recycling. We are committed to solving Environmental Regulation Compliance problems for our customers. KEY addresses the “cradle to grave” responsibility of the generator by guaranteeing the management of all waste material through approved and accepted methods. KEYS’ fully documented recycling assures our customers that the “buck” stops here.

The success of our pickup and recycling services has become the foundation that KEY has built its reputation on. KEYS’ oil filter pick up service was among the first in the country and assures proper management of potentially hazardous used oil filters. This service provides our customers with an economical alternative to landfill dumping. All filters are completely recycled.

Among KEY products are oil draining systems, parts washing systems, absorbents, and above ground tanks. Our products are cost efficient, utilizing innovative state-of-the-art technology and construction.

KEY stands ready to provide services and products on a nationwide basis. We are only an “800” phone call away! Call us at your convenience.